PS3 JAILBREAK 3.66 RELEASED (Mediafire Link)


Uploaded on June 24, 2011 by Bshakpely

Video of jailbroken PS3 on CFW 3.66
Sony Jailbreak 3.66 custom firmare
Installing packages running homebrew on 3.66 firmware
Get Jailbreak 3.66 files & tutorial from
visit the link as shown in video and follow the instructions there!

How to Jailbreak 3.66-jb firmware:
1. Download PS3UPDATE.PUP version 3.66 extractor.
2. Run it and Press PS3UPDATE.PUP button and start downloading file.
3. After downloading simple put the file on USB drive in PS3 folder.
4. Plug USB into your PS3 and start updating your firmware.
5. Its Jailbroken on 3.66 firmware. enjoy

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