Skateboardmaniaks Skateboard Trailer

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Published 17 Jun 2007
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A trailer of our team we dont know the name but its coming fall 2007

Introduction: Joshua - 360 inward hee...
A trailer of our team we dont know the name but its coming fall 2007

Introduction: Joshua - 360 inward heelflip, Michael - Double mute handflip, Daniel - Stalemaskey handflip, Damien - Frontside 540 bigspin double heelflip, Zane - The krunkus

Joshuas section: Pressure kickflip, Inward Heelflip, Kickflip to Kickflip, Varial Triple kickflip, 540 shovit, Double Hardflip, Double Heelflip, Double Palmflip, Inward Handflip, FS180 Handflip, BS180, Triple Inward Heelflip, Quadflip, Varial Heelflip, Palmflip, 360 Inward Heelflip, 360 Quadflip ... 360 Inward heelflip and a half to snap!

Zane part 1: The Myfanwy, Flopsy flip, Bunnyhop,

Michaels section: Stalemaskey double handflip, Old school 360flip, Pop shovit, Cannonball handshovit, Inverted shove it lateflip, Varial kickflip, BS180, Pressureflip, 360 pressureflip, Varial kickflip, Front foot underflip, Front foot underflip (slomo), Double handflip, Varial underflip, SNAP!

Zane part 2: Frontside consumer goods administration, Backside 540 shove it to crossfoot curtsy, The "i hate my board"

Daniels section: Double handflip, Stelmaskey palmflip, Murderflip Underflip, BS180, Switch BS180 Handflip, Varial Handflip, Doubleflip, Kickflip, Quadflip, 360 front foot underflip, Late 540 shovit, FS270 Handshovit, 360 murderflip, 360 murderheelflip

Zane part 3: Flopsy to scissorgrab heelclick, Front foot bicycle, Vegetarians only, Heelclick painbringer

My section: 540 double heelflip, Varial heelflip, Indygrab, Hardflip, Quintuple Kickflip, Frontside Bigspin lateflip, 360 Double Heelflip, 360 Double Kickflip, Kickflip to Onefoot kickflip, 360 heelflip to onefoot kickflip, Switch BS360, Switch BS360 Ollie North, Switch BS360 Handflip, Switch Gazellespin, Frontside Shovit palmflip, Kickflip Underflip, Switch Impossible, Heelflip to onefoot handflip, Indygrab lateflip, Kickflip one foot kickflip one foot doubleflip... (meer)
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