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With a title like Angry Birds, you just know that this game is going to be a bit on the wacky side. And while it certainly is wacky, Angry Birds is also a great physics puzzler that mixes strategy, brute force, and luck to create a solid casual game.

The “plot” exists to justify the game, but it’s a justification that’ll make you laugh. A bunch of evil green pigs have stolen the Angry Birds’ eggs. Naturally, the birds decide that the best way to take revenge is—not to get the eggs back, oh no—but to jump into a slingshot and hurl themselves at the pigs’ fortified castles. Each level has your birds and their slingshot on the left side of the screen, and the pigs in their castle on the right; your goal is to destroy all the little piggies.

Toppling each castle, however, is often a challenge. This is one of many things I love about Angry Birds: the levels are never impossible, but usually challenging. You’ll need to shoot your Angry Birds at just the right angle and intensity in order to strike the weak spot in the pigs’ castle. Controls are super-simple: touch the bird in the slingshot, then drag back and release to fling it. You can also pinch and zoom to move around the map, as there’s typically a large gap between your slingshot and the pigs. You get points for each bit of the castle you destroy, as well as 10,000 bonus points for each unused bird.

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