Consumers Prefer LG Cinema 3D


Uploaded on June 29, 2011 by MultiVu

A new research survey confirms that more than 80 percent of consumers prefer the overall 3D experience of the cinema-like next-generation passive 3D TV technology from LG Electronics over active 3D TVs from Sony and Samsung.

The consumer research conducted by Morpace Inc. was designed to measure consumer preference between 3D technology which uses active-flicker glasses that sync with an emitter on the TV and passive technology that uses polarized glasses similar to those used in movie theaters. The survey measured real-time feedback from consumers and shows that LG’s CINEMA 3D passive technology is preferred by consumers across all measured categories, including overall 3D experience, 3D picture quality, 3D effect, and 3D glasses. The third-party study was commissioned by LG Electronics USA.

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