Bidet Review of Coway BA 13

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*******www.bidetsplus****/products/Coway-BA-13.html - Scene 1 - Hi this is Lindsay with bidetsPLUS and to...
*******www.bidetsplus****/products/Coway-BA-13.html - Scene 1 - Hi this is Lindsay with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the Coway BA 13. The BA 13 is operated with a wireless remote control, and offers some of the most advanced features available in a bidet toilet seat. - Scene 2 - The Coway BA 13 is a modern looking seat with clean lines. Because the BA 13 is packed with newer technology, the bidet seat has a slimmer profile than most other bidet seats we reviewed. This helps add to its sleek, contemporary look. There is a small “Coway” logo centered towards the rear of the seat. Also towards the back is the primary remote control signal receiver, which is the black square you see at the top of the picture. - Scene 3 - Just beneath the remote control signal receiver, there are three LED lights. The first light is a power indicator, the second light is for the power saving mode, and the last light is for seat temperature, as the BA 13 does have a temperature-controlled, heated seat. - Scene 4 - From this angle, you can see how the lid slopes down from back-to-front. The lid of the Coway BA 13 is well designed and sturdy enough for you to sit on. This is a major difference from most other bidet seats, since other lids will bend and break over time if you continue to sit on it. But the Coway BA 13 has a lid that’s sturdy enough to take your weight without a problem. Some other points while we’re on this scene, is you can see that the power cord extends from this side of the unit. To the left of the power cord, there are three small buttons used to operate the bidet without the remote control. - Scene 5 - Here is a close-up of the buttons. The first button on the left is a Power button, the middle button activates Rear Cleansing, and the last button is for Nozzle Cleaning. The black oval left of the Power button is a secondary remote control signal receiver, which was a nice addition from Coway. Having both primary and secondary signal receivers ensures the bidet always receives your commands. - Scene 6 - The Coway BA 13 is powered by twin, stainless steel nozzles. The nozzle on the left, as demonstrated here, is dedicated for feminine wash. And here comes the nozzle for posterior wash. Both water pressure and water temperature are adjustable on the BA 13. Here, we’re moving the nozzle backwards and forwards to demonstrate how you can adjust the position of the wash nozzle. There’s also a “Move” feature on the Coway BA 13. With the single touch of a button, the nozzles automatically go back and forth, extending the cleaning area. Look closely, and you can see the water spray change from narrow to wide. This is the BA 13’s adjustable spray-width feature. This lets you choose from a narrow, more concentrated spray, or a softer, wider spray. Being able to choose from a narrow spray or wider spray really lets you customize your wash experience. - Scene 7 - Remember the nozzle cleaning button on the side of the bidet, we showed earlier? Well here’s that feature in action. It extends each of the nozzles, one at a time, so you can clean the nozzles as necessary. The Coway BA 13 also has a separate nozzle sterilization feature. This feature is activated on the remote control, and treats the nozzles with a powerful Silver Oxide which sterilizes the nozzles. - Scene 8 - The bidet also comes equipped with a built-in air dry. With four different adjustable air dry settings, we would rate the air dry as above average, compared to other bidet seats we tested. It’s a strong, stream of air. - Scene 9 - The bidet also features a slow closing seat, and lid. - Scene 10 - The wireless remote control for the Coway BA 13 comes with a separate wall-mounting attachment. This attachment lets you mount the remote on your wall, or you can take the remote out and hold it in your hand like we’re doing here. The remote fits in one hand nicely, and you can easily access all the buttons with your thumb. The most frequently used buttons such as wash, move, and dry are all located towards the top of the remote. Adjustment settings for nozzle position, water pressure, water temperature, and seat temperature are found towards the bottom half of the remote. - Scene 11 - Additional features include a temperature controlled, heated seat but if you prefer your seat at room temperature, you can simply turn this feature off. The BA 13 also has an air deodorizer, and a self cleaning function which rinses off the nozzles before and after each use. The bidet also has a power saving mode, which decreases energy consumption. - Scene 12 - Thanks for watching this bidetsPLUS video review, featuring the Coway BA 13. You can also check out our full write up on this model in the bidet reviews section, on www.bidetsPLUS****.