Vintage Collector's Doll By Tundra Imports Inc.


Uploaded on July 02, 2011 by chata chata

Tundra Imports Inc

by Tundra

plays "Rain Drops"

Vintage collector's item

measures 13"

please see all pictures and video

This adorable doll is a vintage collector's item. She has very intricate detail. The doll's holds a parasol and has a beautiful lavender dress with a hoop petticoat under neath to poof the dress out. Her hair is a magnificent Grey and her face, just look at that face! She has those big DOE eyes and that demure look. She is saying take me home and love to death and make me a part of your doll collection. The music box is intact plays "Rain Drops" and it has a silver lever to stop the music from playing.
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