UmBahhRella Feat. Midnyte(METAL UMBRELLA COVER)

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*THIS IS NOT MIXED BY ME* CREDITS TO MIXALDAMIX A new version of Rihanna's Umbrella song called 'UmBahhRel...
*THIS IS NOT MIXED BY ME* CREDITS TO MIXALDAMIX A new version of Rihanna's Umbrella song called 'UmBahhRella' was released on 30th August 2007, by the author, under the alias of Mixal (DaMix). Done in the heavy metal genre', the song has received rave reviews and is set to be a smash hit among the younger generation and with veteran rockers as well. Veteran rocker, composer, producer, arranger, Michael Kalember under the alias Mixal (DaMix) released his version of the Umbrella Song by Rihanna, but it apart from the lyrics, it is nothing like the original. The UmBahhRella song uses new chords and new melodies and is arranged in the heavy metal genre'. With overtones of Metallica and Megadeth, this song has a powerful driving groove and provides a somewhat humorous parody to it's counterpart. [QUOTE]"Everyone I know likes rock and metal, and we felt that Rihanna's song was good but also quite irritating. So, I was inspired to 'set the cards right'. My version also hopefully promotes a new level of respect for Rihanna and pop music in general. You could call it a tribute. If you enjoy hard rock or metal, you should find this version extremely entertaining, and hopefully it will brighten-up your rainy day."[/QUOTE] The song features Canadian Dustin 'Midnyte' Driscoll on the guitar solo. Dustin and Michael (who lives in Singapore) used the internet to transfer tracks back and forth. The song was written and produced by Michael at home, using Digidesign ProTools. Michael played all of the instruments and programmed the rest of the parts using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and a Macintosh computer.