Galactic Federation of Light - Mother Gaia's Call for Assistance


Uploaded on July 08, 2011 by Sharon-Ann Riley

Sharon-Ann Riley channels the Galactic Federation of Light. The GFL discuss recycling living in excess environmental involvement space pollution and the effects of future toxic & nuclear space dumping

The Planet Therapy Project is a service offered through the Galactic Federation and Cosmic Beings of Light. This service is facilitated through Sharon-Ann Riley - Galactic Ambassador and team.

Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador and team's core mission is to offer Galactic / Spiritual Aid Healing Knowledge and Empowerment to Planet Earth the environment wild life Humanity governments Religious Leaders and Organisations dedicated to assisting the earth and its residents.

The Earth's future is undefined; however it cannot exist if genocide human trafficking wars and environmental neglect are ignored. It is time to explore different avenues.

Sharon-Ann offers world leaders NGOs and Organisations assistance and a galactic perspective.

Sharon-Ann understands the Earth and the inner workings of nations. She is ready to be of service.

Sharon-Ann and team will go to the frontlines where Human and Environmental aid is required; to offer healing support renewal of the spirit and innovative alternatives to projects and governments.

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