U.S. Vs. Them: American Automakers Invite Overseas Manufacturers


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Conventional marketing wisdom tells us that mentioning the “other guy” is like giving away free advertising. But in the hyper-competitive automotive industry those rules are being broken. Until recently American built full size pick-up trucks have gone virtually unchallenged and taken top in their class; proving to be a very lucrative part of the auto industry. Now Japanese manufacturers have begun building full size pickups and are proving to be a worthy opponent. So instead of ignoring the competition, the American owned General Motors, invited them in. Automotive critics from throughout the U.S. were invited to test all of the competitors side by side in the controlled confines of General Motors 4,000-acre Michigan Proving Grounds. They were given the opportunity to tow, brake, accelerate and literally put the trucks through their paces side-by-side under the same conditions and over the same roads. All trucks were spec’d as closely as possible to recreate the same comparison the consumer would face in the marketplace. Tests included traction control, ride and handling, and especially important for pickup trucks, towing and trailering. The new head-to-head advertising trend forces competitors to prove their merit on a level playing field and allows consumers to view several competing brands at once. To read more about the event go to Autoblog.com. Produced for General Motors
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