Argington, Modern Children and Baby Furniture

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Argington's entire line of furniture is made from renewable and sustainably harvested solid birch wood and low VOC birch plywood that is FSC certified. Argington continues its belief in bringing the very best to your family with E-Zero, a global qualification that guarantees there is 0% formaldehyde emissions in wood products. This translates into safety, health, and a better environment for all. In addition to environmentally friendly wood, all materials, glues, stains and finishes are HAP free, 100% non-toxic and are low VOC. Dyes used are formaldehyde-free. Argington's line of organic bedding is all-natural and uses 100% certified organic cotton, which means that no herbicides or pesticides have been used in production. The prints are done with low impact dyes that employ an environmentally safe printing process.

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