Pro Facebook Hack V1.5, Professional FaceBook Hacking Tool


Uploaded on July 13, 2011 by crackingstools2011

I would like to welcome you to the new release of great tool called "Facebook Pro Hacker v.2011". With this tool you can hack ANY Facebook accounts in an instant time, It's easy to work.

Step 1: Download this tool (It's safe, Please click(
Step 2: Login to your facebook account (use your exiting account or create a new one).
Step 3: Enter Victim's ID in "Victim's ID" box (ID account you want to hack).
Step 4: Enter your email in "Your Email" box. (Facebook email + password will be sent to this email).

Step 5: Click "Hack!" button.
Step 6: Check your email to get Victim's password that has been sent.
Step 7: Enjoy Hacking!!

+ You must login to your facebook account before click "Hack" (step 4 then 5)
+ Use this tool at your own risk!

Download Pro Facebook Hack v1.5 here

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