Growing Plumeria Plants and Tropical Plants with the Egg Method


Uploaded on July 14, 2011 by bobwalshplumerias Growing Plumeria Cuttings, Plumeria Plants and Tropical Plants with the Egg Method.

Plumeria cuttings which are planted using the egg method correctly develop a massive root system in record time. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice any inflorescences that develop during the rooting process. Inflorescences and roots develop simultaneously.

Plumeria plants which are planted applying the egg method correctly show lush growth and massive flower production. The keeping quality of the flowers increases as well which means the flowers stay fresh longer.

The egg method which is based on anaerobically fermenting eggs and probiotics not only benefits plumeria cuttings and plumeria plants but many other tropical plants as well, including bananas, gingers, heliconias, hibiscus and many more.

According to Biofeed Probiotics ‘plant stimulants, plant hormones, are produced during the metabolism of some bacteria, yeasts, molds, and cyanobacteria’, also known as blue-green algae and blue-green bacteria.

These plant stimulants, plant hormones, include auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, florigen and salicylic acid.

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