Is This "Nibiru" or "Planet X"? Actual & Clear FOOTAGE. [HD]


Uploaded on July 15, 2011 by ow2lunch

Actual film footage of two/three suns in the sky at once. In Slow Motion. Clear HD video. Clearly visible objects. If it isn't Nibiru & or Planet X, You tell me what the heck it is. Featuring music by: Cyprus Hill, "I Wanna Get High", "Mary Jane" & "Insane In The Membrane".
An ow2lunch production. Filmed, edited & produced by: Leep Flynn aka ow2lunch

Nibiru, Ow2lunch, Planet X, 2012, Two Suns, Sunset, Cyprus Hill, Mary Jane, I Wanna Get High, Insane In The Membrane, Video, Actual Footage, Clear, Quality, HD, Prophecy
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