Aquarium Fish Ideas - Coral Red Pencilfish [HD]


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Learn About Coral Red Pencilfish - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Learn About Coral Red Pencil Fish

What people think of Pencil Fish is being small, community oriented, schooling type fish. The Red Pencil Fish changes it very slight in the fact that they are a little bit more aggressive then their other fish in their group. The main thing that makes them really unique is their bright red coloration. Males are outstandingly colored fish. This fish is a little bit hard to get from the fact that it comes from the jungles of Peru. Takes a few days to get it out of the jungle and it does not always transport that well, so that is one of the reasons this fish is always little bit more expensive and hard to come by, but it's bright red coloration in a planted aquarium is just a must-have.

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