ichigo vs kariya jin


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Kariya was first created by an experimental error which occurred in Seireitei. Later, in the Bounts' Cave in the real world, he was saved by Rantao from the shinigami who were trying to eliminate the Bounts. Right before Rantao told him to run away while she deals with the shinigami, Rantao gave Kariya his Doll, Messer ("knife", in German). Kariya merged with the doll when fighting Hollows, and since then his attitude changed, and he became determined to destroy Soul Society. Later, Kariya was against proposals to use the Quincy to return to Soul Society to live, thinking the shinigami would use the Bount as servants. He witnessed a war between the Bount and the Quincy, where the shinigami from Soul Society suddenly came and started to massacre the Bount
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