Soft N’ Squishy Bracelets from Sqwishland


Uploaded on July 22, 2011 by Time to Play

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What started out as a capsule toy from grocery store toy vending machines has now turned into a popular collectible toy. And now there is a way for kids to show off their Sqwishland collections and keep them nearby for play. Soft N' Squishy Bracelets are kid-sized silicone bracelets to which kids can connect up to seven Sqwishland figures. When they're manufactured, the Sqwishland figures each have a hole in their bottom from the mold, which also helps make them squishier. Those holes now have a practical use because they also make it easy for the figures to attach to the bracelets. Simply attach the figure to one of the seven pegs on the bracelet and the figure stays snugly attached. Each bracelet comes with one figure you can see and one rare figure hidden inside a capsule. Each Sqwishland figure also comes with a code that lets kids unlock games on the website:

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