Breath and Asana for the First Chakra (Naked Yoga School)


Uploaded on July 22, 2011 by Naked Yoga
(Beginner to Basic Level) Chakras are spinning energy centers along our spine. The first chakra is located at the base of our spine and is the center of physical vitality. It governs issues surrounding primal survival and erotic/procreative urges. When the first chakra is balanced, its grounding force allows us to connect to earth energies and empower ourselves.
After some tips on setting up an altar to encourage those first chakra vibrations, we begin this class with Breath of Fire, which engages the first chakra and fires its energy all over the body. We then move into some supine poses that open the hips and areas surrounding the base of the spine while helping us feel grounded on the floor. Simple standing poses that stretch the backs of the legs open channels for earth energy to flow into the first chakra. We end class in a grounding Savasana (Corpse Pose) with a short meditation on body awareness.

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