How to Play Bob Marley Kinky Reggae Guitar Lesson [HD]


Uploaded on July 23, 2011 by BaldHead Brad

How to play the Wailers' "Kinky Reggae" on guitar. A video music lesson by Baldhead Brad.

The chords are Am, Gm, and Am#5.

You can find a chord and lyric sheet on my Facebook page, which you can download as .PDF or print out. Click the link above!

"Kinky Reggae" first appeared on The Wailers' 1973 major label debut album, Catch A Fire. There's also a great live version on Talkin' Blues.

I'm not totally sure what "Kinky Reggae" is about. Bob Marley was in London when he wrote it, and it seems to express his run-ins with the temptations of the big city--namely, loose women and hard drugs. The patois is pretty thick, though, and hard for a baldhead like me to decipher!

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Baldhead Brad

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