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Uploaded on July 27, 2011 by cbeyond95

EFFICIENTLY COMPETE FOR LARGER ACCOUNTS!! It has allowed us to go up market in terms of competing for new customers because we're able to essentially present a breadth of services, i.e. the ability to conference calls, the ability to do webx, oftentimes larger companies can do, at a much lower cost. It has allowed us to be more efficient and compete for larger accounts.

HAPPY WITH THE DECISION I HAVE MADE!!! CBEYOND HAS HELPED MY BUSINESS YET AGAIN I have been a customer of Cbeyoned's for over 2 years now and they has done an outstanding job! Any time I have had a question I have been able to contact my sales rep or their customer care with no problem. I am happy with the dicision I have made. Do some real homework next time you think about making a switch. And when you do make a change you should stand by your decision.

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