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The Empires And Allies Secrets strategy guide has been specially created with hours of research by popular social game guide creator Tony Sanders, who has had great online marketing success with his FarmVille, FrontierVille and CityVille strategy guides.

What the Empires And Allies Secrets strategy guide aims to offer is the very latest hints tips and strategies, to help the millions of players on Facebook to not only build a huge and thriving empire, but also to help build the biggest and strongest army possible that can easily defend the empire from invading forces.
Anyone who is really struggling to succeed in Empires And Allies will find important and valuable information contained in this guide that will help them improve their overall game play. If they are a player that struggles from not having enough neighbours to gain the necessary energy, gold coin, raw material or special items for upgrading soldiers and weaponry or expanding their empires borders, then this strategy guide will show them the best strategies to gain as many neighbours as they will ever need.

Players that find themselves constantly running out of valuable energy, gold coins and raw materials will learn the best strategies and layouts, to make their empire into a resource churning capital that blasts out tonnes and tonnes of raw materials, that can easily be sold in the market for huge gold coin profits.

Defending the empire from invading forces is the most important part of the Empires And Allies game play, anyone who constantly loses battles simply because they go into battle without the correct soldiers or weaponry and spend time wasting tonnes of gold coins and raw materials rebuilding, will find valuable strategies that will help players choose the exact soldiers and weaponry needed to make sure there are constant victories in battle.

Also any player that finds gaining levels in Empires and Allies is a slow and difficult process and leaves their empire and army weak, due to the fact that most of the best soldiers and weaponry are locked until a higher level is achieved. Will find lots of useful hints and tips that will make earning the essential experience points a much easier process, and will make levelling up happen quicker than ever before.

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