3DGame "ApeFlip" Trailer HD1080


Uploaded on July 29, 2011 by Master Yo

ApeFlip is an action game shooting up the worldwide via Android and iphone, ipad. Flip the Apes and compete your point with everybody.


There was a planet of Apes that had evolved into creatures with human-like.
Those Apes were such viciousness as destroy everything.
But, they had a secret.... They were Judo addicts!
Use your Ape and aim for the top.

[How to ApeFlip]
Evolve the apes : Your Ape will evolve by your ranking!
Raise your Ape : Your Ape will grow by your innings Flipped!
Easy Action : Just flip the Ape timed nicely.
Connected for Social Media : You can post your point in to twitter and FaceBook.
It's free!

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