Fayetteville NC Downtown Shoppes


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At first glance, Fayettville NC may seem a small town but once you drive through the area, you will find a very spacious sprawling town with rich historic heritage, and the most beautiful boutiques and downtown shoppes to visit. The coffee smells heavenly as you par your care and walk down the wide sidewalks , passing sidewalk cafes and restaurants to follow the delicious scent which invades your nose. On a quiet day you can sit, sip your drink and watch slow traffic going by, Shop keepers are busy redecorating - adding this and moving that, and you really feel as if time is standing still and the word "rush" does not find a place here. Fayetteville on weekends is a busy place and because of the close proximity of Ft Bragg, you can see shoppers from any area of the globe, turning Fayetteville NC into an international town. Families with strollers and dogs walking along the wide streets and sidewalks, stopping to talk with friends - or visiting one of the many festivals which turn Fayetteville into a happening place. It is a great place t live, to shop and you meet with so many friendly people , that everyone who is new here can instantly feel at home in Fayetteville NC.

Walter Guy Jewelers, Rude Awakening Coffee House, The Fresh Cafe, The Peacocks Eye, Diamonds And Gold, City Center Gallery And Books, McDuffs, Gillespie Street Barber Shop, Beef OBradys, Dead Men Ink Tatoos, Bob And Sherrees Beer And Wine, The Shop 214 Hay Street, B, Entertainment
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