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Foot care specialist from El Paso TX, Dr. Gary Grindstaff, speaks about the variation of lasers available to treat foot problems. Treating foot problems with lasers is proven to be the most effective method, used by foot doctors, dermatologist, skincare specialists, and podiatrists. Lasers used to treat fungus infections, heel spurs, warts, are not the same as the ones used to treat fungus problems, and infections in the nails. Dr. Gary Grindstaff mentions that each foot imperfection is treated with a different kind of laser, or a laser that meets the qualifications for proper treatment. Podiatry services are offered to the public by El Paso Foot Specialist of El Paso, TX. For more videos, please click on the following link:
Dr. Gary Grindstaff, Foot Doctor in El Paso TX, also serves the cities of: El Paso, San Elizario and the zip codes of : 79936, 79935, 79925, 79907, 79915, 79918, 79910, 79905, and 79906.

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