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Foot Doctor El Paso TX, Gary Grindstaff, speaks about ingrown toenails.
Ingrown nails are caused by a few reasons. Tight shoe wearing can cause ingrown nails to develop. However in some cases ingrown nail problems can be hereditary. A very important fact mentioned in this video is to pay extra attention to the way we cut the nails. If a nail is injured, and accidental nail bumping occurs, it can be very painful, and develop a bone infection. It is recommended for people to wear shoes in the proper size. If a nail injury occurs is recommended for individuals to visit the podiatrist to address this problem, and prevent any future illnesses from happening.
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Dr. Gary Grindstaff, Foot Doctor in El Paso TX, also serves the cities of: El Paso, San Elizario and the zip codes of : 79936, 79935, 79925, 79907, 79915, 79918, 79910, 79905, 79906,

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