(Erike530) Download Survey By-Passer V 1.25 (Updated August 1...


Uploaded on August 11, 2011 by JobyAmodeo0183

Download here: http://filesmass.com/gai308/Passer

Are you tierd of doing Offers to Unlock Files on sites like
ShareCash or Uploadee? Well I've made this program
that will by-pass the surveys. This is very good for anyone
that wants to download a persons guide on how to make
money on ShareCash/Uploadee or people that just want
to exchagne download links.

**The Video is Sped Up for Some Reason, So it looks like it gets unlocked in 2 seconds, It Takes about 10 Seconds Average to Unlock it**

Currently Works with:
• Uploadee
• FileRev
• FileIce
• ShareCash

Request A Feature/Program: Erike530Request@gmail.com

Offer Unlocker V1.0 - PATCHED
Offer Unlocker V1.1 - PATCHED
Offer Unlockerr V1.15 - PATCHED
Offer Unlocker V1.2 - WORKING
Offer Unlcoker V1.25 - Added new Way of Unlocking
Offer Unlocker V1.35 - Faster Unlocking Then 1.25

Currently Working on Offer Unlocker v2
• Fast Unlock (2-5 Seconds)
• Multi Links
• Proxy Set Up (Download Your OWN Files)

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