Health Coverage for Those with Pre-Existing Conditions


Uploaded on August 12, 2011 by SteelRain00 If you’ve been diagnosed with having a pre-existing health condition (i.e. stroke, cancer, heart attack, etc.) you probably are aware of how hard it is to get solid health insurance coverage. Fortunately, for those living in Florida, there’s a new Guaranteed Issue program that guarantees coverage to anyone, regardless of health condition or age.

Policy holders have 4 options for coverage levels that range between $229 and $399 per month. The following is what’s covered in the plan:

1. Outpatient Benefits (doctor visits, prescription drugs, x-rays and labs, emergency room, emergency ambulance, specialty radiology, etc.)
2. Routine Wellness / Preventive Care
3. Hospital & Surgical Benefits (hospital confinement, ICU, surgery, anesthesia)
4. Radiation and Chemotherapy Benefits
5. Critical Illness Benefits (cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, etc.)
6. Supplemental Accident Benefit
7. AD&D Benefit

To learn more about this innovative new program, call Ryan at (561) 909-1026.

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