Game Boy Series Silicone Rubber IPhone 4 Case Various Colors


Uploaded on August 16, 2011 by steviegee66

Nowadays everyone is looking for the best way to make their high tech iPhone 4 standout; regular phone cases aren’t going to get it done. has shown you a variety of things like the classy Wooden iPhone Case. Now we have the GameBoy iPhone 4 Case and this could be why they say, "Good things come to those who wait". This ultra slim case looks just like the Nintendo Game Boy and has all the correct buttons and controls. With precise cutouts for all your iPhone’s ports and a screen protector, this is the perfect iPhone case for the classic Game Boy lover.

These vintage Gameboy inspired cases are amazing! The case is made from a light weight silicone material which is very tough and durable. One of the greatest as well as most distinctive features with this case is the realistic looking buttons. They instantly take you back to 1989 and the #1 Gameboy game, Tetris! The other Gameboy iPhone cases we've found are just printed on the plastic so everything is flat and really fake looking. Not with this one.

If you're into the classic retro gaming systems or just want to bring back some of those great childhood memories, this case will be perfect for you. Its flat out an amazing iPhone case.

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