Frat Boys Gone Wild

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Uploaded on June 30, 2007 by kingmidasfilms

Behind the scenes of the Alpha Sigma Sigma Fraternity house.

Fraternity is a word for brotherhood, and by extension deep friendship or camaraderie. :)

Alpha Beta Chi
Alpha Chi Rho Crow
Alpha Delta Gamma, ADG
Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Delt AD Phi
Alpha Epsilon Pi, AEPi
Alpha Epsilon Omega, AEO
Alpha Gamma Omega, AGO
Alpha Gamma Rho, AGR
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Alpha Kappa Lambda, AKL
Alpha Phi AlphaAlphas or APhiA
Alpha Phi Delta, APD
Alpha Iota Omicron, AIO
Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Sig
Alpha Tau Omega, ATO
Alpha Theta Omega, ALTHONIANS
Beta Chi Theta
Beta Kappa Gamma, BKG
Beta Sigma Psi, Beta Sig
Beta Theta Pi, Beta
Beta Upsilon Chi, Bucks
Chi Phi
Chi Psi, Lodgers
Delta Chi
Delta Epsilon Psi DPsi
Delta Gamma Iota DGI or Delts
Delta Kappa Epsilon, DKE or Deke
Delta Lambda Phi, DLP or Del Phi
Delta Phi Delta Psi
Delta Psi Alpha
Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sig
Delta Tau Delta Delts pecs
Delta Upsilo, DU or Mighty Ducks
Gamma Phi Epsilon, GPhiE
Gamma Zeta Alpha, RAZA
Iota Nu Delta
Iota Phi Theta Iotas or IPhiTheta
Kappa Alpha Order The Order
Kappa Alpha Psi Kappas or Nupes
Kappa Alpha Society KA
Kappa Delta Phi
Kappa Delta Rho KDR
Kappa Sigma Kappa Sig KSig or kfed
Kappa Upsilon Chi Kappa Chi
Lambda Chi Alpha Lamb Chops Choppers grrrr
Lambda Omega Alpha
Lambda Alpha Upsilon Lethal Lambdas
Lambda Sigma LSU
Lambda Theta Phi
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Lambdas
Nu Sigma Beta
Nu Alpha Kappa Naks or Nakos or nukes
Omega Delta Phi
Omega Psi Phi Ques q's
Phi Beta Sigma SIGMAS
Phi Beta Upsilon
Phi Delta Gamma

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