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"My name is John Waterhouse, I’m Managing Director of The Network Collective ( ). The Network collective is an independent telecoms procurement consultancy. We help major UK multi-national companies buy telecoms services, data networks, voice and mobile.

"Just a couple of years ago we needed a room. I asked our administrator: ‘Just find out how much it would be to get an office for the afternoon.’ And I think it was £27.99 or so. ‘Well – get on with it.’

"Our guys are on the road – they are consultants – they are travelling around a lot. And it’s really useful for them to have a place to land – where they can make calls, send emails … do work, even when they are away from our office.

"We have customers in Yorkshire, in Scotland and on the south coast – just all over. So, it really can be ‘another day, another city’. The last time I used [Regus] was in one of the centres in Leeds. I had a meeting in the morning with a customer and then I had two or three conference calls in the afternoon.

"Typically we’re booking a one-person space – the smallest room they’ve got. Just for us to sit for a few hours and do some work, right up to boardrooms.

"My initial fear was that Regus would be too expensive. Because, you know, we’d be paying for a quality almost that we don’t need. But we’ve actually found it to be incredibly reasonable.

"They are great offices, they are in good locations. I think for us if anything, the ability to be productive whilst mobile is increasingly important."

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