Moshi Concerti IPad 2 Case Review [HD]


Uploaded on August 19, 2011 by minipcpro

Moshi Concerti iPad 2 case The Moshi Concerti is a silicone and microfiber hybrid case especially built for the iPad 2. The case actually cleans your iPad as you use it unlike the Smartcover which leaves it dirtier between uses. The Concerti also works as an iPad stand offering a trio of tilt positions. While your iPad is leaning back it stays inside the inner silicone case keeping your tablet secure at all times. The suede-like exterior is actually a patented microfiber material called Terahedron which offers scratch proof protection. Its got a sleek case design that's given the front and rear cameras access from within the case.

While on the go you'll be able to use the integrated hand pocket which is meant to alleviate wrist stress when you hold your iPad for long times, I've never personally gotten much use out of it, but I've seen Sascha use it a number of times. Since we're talking about Moshi gear out favorite item has to be the Moshi iVisor screen protector which turns your iPad into a non glossy device that can be used outside in full day light. If you're keen to pick up the case you'll have a choice of Tyrian Purple, Falcon Grey and Sahara Beige colors at $55 a pop from Amazon here.

If you want to see it in action, here is our hand on video:

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