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the FarmVille formula. Players can manually expand their plot of land. They can also start and run franchises of their business in their friends' cities. Gamers can still team up in what seems like standard Ville-game fashion, helping friends or requesting help from them to trade goods, finish making key buildings or clear land. Zynga hasn't said how any of this social networking will differ, if at all, from the way it works in FarmVille and FontierVille, whether it's more complex, less annoying or what. We've asked and will let you know what they say. Update: Zynga says CityVille status updates will function the same way those do in the company's other games. So, players, be judicious!
The cities expand and upgrade of course, which is the main hook. The more you play the more building options you get, the more goods you can obtain and so on. The better you do, the taller your headquarters.

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