How Much Do Dental Implants Cost and Are There Cheap and Expensi

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*******www.kentsmilestudio****/dental-services-kent/kent-dental-implants/ Dr. Dattani explains: There are, ...
*******www.kentsmilestudio****/dental-services-kent/kent-dental-implants/ Dr. Dattani explains: There are, like with anything in life your dental implant technology isn’t the cheapest it can cost the cost of a small car, and they range from really 1800 to 3000 pounds per tooth. But it’s an investment. The long term success of implant dentistry in the upper jaw is 95 per cent over 15 years and 99 per cent over 15 years in the lower jaw. No other medical treatment has this form of success it’s very successful. In medical research 15 years is like a lifetime. It’s an investment you’re making into your smile, not just a one off payment; it’s something that should be with you for a long time. Yep there are cheaper alternatives in implant dentistry but it’s, you get what you pay for. The companies we use, Ankylos, Nobel Biocare, they do extensive research and they’re proud to announce these figures of 99 to 100 per cent success. The cheap alternatives you might get for 14, 1500 pounds, Korean implants, but where’s the evidence, where’s the success? How long is that going to last you, is it going to cause any damage? You’ve got to look at all of this and then you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. Are you prepared, for the sake of three or four hundred pounds, to jeopardise the long term success/ and how do you know if that doesn’t work, how expensive it’s going to be to repair it?