Typhoon Nanmadol Strikes Philippines, Heads to Taiwan

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BY RUISHA QIAN Hurricane Irene has been dominating headlines-- but there’s another storm to keep an eye ...
BY RUISHA QIAN Hurricane Irene has been dominating headlines-- but there’s another storm to keep an eye on. Typhoon Nanmadol struck the northern Philippines Saturday, triggering landslides and floods. It has reportedly killed at least 10 people. The BBC adds... (Video: YouTube) “It’s the strongest storm that hits the country this year. A state of emergency has been declared in some areas. Electricity and communications were down across many parts of the north, roads and bridges impassable after rising floodwaters and mudslides. Among the dead were children killed in a landslide.” Nanmadol, or Mina, has caused huge damages. Interaksyon reports... “More than 57,000 people were forced to flee their homes due to the risk of floods and landslides in the mountainous north... Eight bridges were destroyed and 20 major roads rendered impassable when Nanmadol hit with gusts of up to 230 kilometres (145 miles) per hour.” Voice of America notes-- the Philippines is no stranger to typhoons. “Authorities say about 20 tropical cyclones enter Philippine territory in a typical year and, of those, 6 to 9 normally make landfall. The country's deadliest storm on record struck eastern islands of the archipelago in November 1991, killing an estimated 7,000 people.” Rescue and relief efforts are already underway. According to a deputy presidential spokeswoman, the Filipino government will provide assistance to the victims. And Accuweather reports-- there’s another possibly lethal storm right behind Nanmadol. “Meanwhile, the broad but still moderate Tropical Storm Talas is slowly gathering strength at sea more than 1,000 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. ...Talas could become a typhoon as it buffets the small Volcano and Bonin islands, far south of the Japan mainland.” According to Taiwan’s central weather bureau, Nanmadol is expected to hit Taiwan as early as Monday, though the typhoon is weakening.