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Ridiculous- that’s how you might sum up the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Ridiculous performances. Ridiculous outfits. Ridiculous acceptance speeches. And- according to an NPR blogger- that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

“…they are intended to be ridiculous. They are meant to have one big moment — Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift forgiving Kanye West in song, Madonna and Britney Spears kissing, whatever — and the rest is just sort of ... happening.”

One of the night’s biggest moments came courtesy of a surprise announcement.

MATT LAUER: “The big news in the entertainment world is Beyonce and Jay-Z expecting a child and she made that announcement at the Video Music Awards last night.”
AL ROKER: “Without saying a word.”
ANN CURRY: “That’s right."
MATT LAUER: “That’s right- all she had to do was, look at this-"
ANN CURRY: “Look at this!”
NATALIE MORALES: “There you go! Aww.”
AL ROKER: “See, I’ve done that but that’s after a big meal.” (NBC/Today)

Beyonce’s baby bump broke-out at the VMAs, overshadowing some of the night’s other standouts, like-

A dance tribute to Britney Spears-

A redemption performance by Chris Brown-

Gaga’s gender-bending opening act-

And Lil Wayne’s mostly censored closing performance.

Despite being host-less, The New York Times calls the show a success- well, kind of.

“This was maybe the most bleeped award show in history, and certainly among the lewdest … The falling-flat toilet humor of last year’s host Chelsea Handler had nothing on this. But what a surprisingly enjoyable mess this made.”

The show had its somber moments, too. Entertainment Weekly suggests the night’s Amy Winehouse segment served as a fitting send-off.

“Russell Brand’s tribute to Amy Winehouse struck just the right mix of humor, heart, sadness, and pop grandiosity … [And] the sight of Winehouse recording ‘Body and Soul’ with Tony Bennett, from a session in March of this year, was a moving reminder of the troubled star’s incredible talent.”

Katy Perry took top honors- winning video of the year, while Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” went home with the most moon men. To see a full list of winners from the VMAs, check out our transcript section.

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