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Uploaded on August 30, 2011 by DrToddTurnbull

TAUGHT ME ABOUT WHOLE HEALTH!! Dr. Todd Turnbull with Turnbull Chiropractic is great! Not only is he able to relieve my pain but he has taught me about body systems, how they integrate and how important nutrition and vitamins are for whole health. I highly recommend Dr. Turnbull. ~Lauren

YOUTHFUL MIND AND BODY I'm not 23 anymore. And a wise man back in the day Dr Todd Tunbull with Turnbull Chiropractic told me that getting old is just previous injuries going untreated. If that is true, than Dr. Todd Turnbull enables me, mainly through TEACHING and also hands on work to treat injuries and maintain a youthful mind and body..

You can be confident that Dr. Turnbull's facilities in Portland will create a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs. Thanks to Dr. T's expertise and advancements in musclework, he makes regaining your health gentle and easy.

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