Jailbreak PS3 3.70 How To Host CL in MW2 and Black Ops New ...


Uploaded on September 01, 2011 by HarvSelvage7163

Download file here: http://loadcyber.com/Jewel390/Method
(it should be called PS3UPDAT(1)

How to host the cl!!! ( This will work even without the jailbreak btw, but without the jailbreak your ps3 has a higher chance of being banned)

1- in your USB put the AFM in it, NEXT TO THE PS3 FILE NOT IN IT !!!!!!!!!!, AFM( do not remane the file in the link)

2- go back to your PS3 3.70jb and put the USB in it and go to GAME section and Install package file clik Triangle and clik install all, accept
3- u'll now have the AFM FTP server v1.2
4- you'll need now on your PC ( or MAC ) the FileZilla.
5- Install and open the FileZilla on your PC( or mac ) and OPEN the AFM in your 3.70jb PS3
6- Enter the IP adress that will be written in your AFM
7- and clik on QuickConnection
8- go to dev_hdd0, then game, then ( depends from where you from) for north america it'S BLUS30377 and then go to USRDIR
**** the Game number is written on the side of the box of your game ****
9- Download the patch in the video
10- drag that patch_mp.ff and clik OK to remove the old one
11- Press X ( maybe 2 times if the screen is black ) and then close the FileZilla
12- you have now a Modded Mw2 PAtch and your ready to host a CL! Just go to a privat match first and put on force host first)

any questions feel free to p.m. me or add me on PS3!

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