Moby - Extreme Ways - TIGERM Stepchart (LIGHT Foot) (Key Pad)

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From *******www.tigerm**** Download Link: *******dancedancetigerm**** BPM 100 [Constant] Length 2 minute 17...
From *******www.tigerm**** Download Link: *******dancedancetigerm**** BPM 100 [Constant] Length 2 minute 17 seconds Foot Levels 3 / 5 / 8 / 9 Audio Edit, Background Design & Stepchart by TIGER M Dancer / Player: TIGER M Year Stepchart Created: May 2005. Year Video Recorded: September 1st, 2011 [9/1/2011] Song Name: Extreme Ways Song Artist: Moby Song First Heard [by TIGER M]: As Closing Theme of film The Bourne Identity Song Source [Direct .mp3]: Moby - Extreme Ways Stepmania Version: 3.9beta What Is It Time For: a "Dance! Dance! Revolution!! ^_^ EXTREME Fun! =D ********** The very first time I heard a song by the North American Dance/Electronic artist "Moby" was in late 2005 in my early 20s when I first learned of the awesome film "The Bourne Identity" via a DVD rental. I had heard OF Moby throughout my teens but had not ever heard any of his music. All that I knew was that Eminem had poked fun at Moby [along with a sea of other singers, rappers and performing artists] in the song "Without Me" and I was hearing something about some video where a lady licks Moby's bald head [which as of this writing--I am still yet to see or even know the name of the song video. ^^;] When I heard "Extreme Ways" as the closing theme during the end of the fabulous film "The Bourne Identity" -- I scrambled through the credits in order to find the name of the performing artist and whom I had not heard before [or thought I had heard of] and sure enough there was the name: "Moby." "So that's Moby huh?" I questioned myself aloud. "Sounds good!" I exclaimed before viewing the behind the scenes footage and extras on the Bourne Identity rental DVD. Later I was informed by my elder brother that there was a sequel to "The Bourne Identity" called "The Bourne Supremacy." Honestly, the film I completely desired to see to see what would happen next and because the original movie I had thought so very much of. However--part of me also wanted to know if Moby also did the closing song for "The Bourne Supremacy" as well and if it would sound as good as "Extreme Ways!" =D Surely enough--it WAS "Extreme Ways" and the film was indeed touching, riveting, and Soul Strengthening! Ironically, about half a year after learning of "The Bourne Supremacy" -- "The Bourne Ultimatum" (2007) was due for release in theatres. It was the first of the "Bourne Identity" series I had seen in-cinema. =) The closing theme "Extreme Ways" was well welcomed although different from the one I had originally learned of Moby in-listening to--but it did indeed fit the "Big Screen" feel which was a first for me with "The Bourne Identity" now trilogy! As of this writing, it appears a FOURTH film is due for release July 2012! I'm SO watching it! XD [JUST learned about it like 5 minutes ago while checking "Bourne" year releases!=] EXTREME Steps! [Crusin' at 100 BPM... ^_^] ********** In mid-2005 when I first put this stepchart together one of my friends on Bemanistyle at the time [RubberDuckyRZ] was swift to personally compliment the work on the stepchart and explained how after playing this stepchart--he was inspired to go on a "Moby Song Collection Spree" much thanks to how well this stepchart was put together! =D That felt good! XD Other players of this stepchart resounded similar compliments, and the 100 Beats Per Minute stepchart which certainly could have been a "Chorographical Stepchart FLOP" was well-received and downloaded well into the thousands! =D I was REALLY proud and still am of my stepchart for the SUPREME awesome song to the SUPREMACY of The BOURNE IDENTITY of the SUPREME artist Moby and SUPREME "Bourne Film" Series! [which also has a book and television series which I have at the time of this writing NOT yet seen =3 But likely will! =D] Enjoy! Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), - Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, -WAM! TIGER M [GoGo! Sunday!] -2:02 PM (9/4/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator] Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm**** Angel Arc & Company /\o/\