MontaG E


Uploaded on September 06, 2011 by GStarRsDance

W3lcome w3lcome! This is my next dance video. It's G Zirker aka GStarR (the stage name), and I rep Ypsilanti, MI. I figured a collage of dance clips, or a montage as they call it in the movie biz, would be the best way to display my wide variety of talent. I mainly break dance, and I mix up different hip hop dance styles with my freestyles, such as poppin. I try to keep my style fresh, normally with help from current dance styles that I have researched, but I like also like to mix it up from time to time with some old hip hop dance moves. Doing the Wop, boi! Anyways, if you enjoyed the video and like others, leave a comment or a criticism. Follow me on Twitter @GStarRsDance. Tell a friend to watch it. And if you work with choreography and/or know anyone looking for dancers, shout my name out. That's G L E N aka G S T A R R... ha I dance as a hobby, but I'd like to make it a profession some day soon. Thank you everyone for your support and much love! -- G*R

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