A Lonely Place to Die


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A group of five mountaineers are climbing in the remote Scottish Highlands when they make a horrific discovery: a young girl buried in a small chamber, with only a small air pipe to the surface keeping her alive. She is terrified, dehydrated and half-starved. Deciding they must get her to safety, the group embark on a dangerous and nerve-racking descent.

Unwittingly, they’ve taken charge of a valuable bounty and are being hunted down by the girl’s ruthless kidnappers, who have everything at stake and nothing to lose. Caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse, they are in mortal danger and there’s no easy way out.

Described by Total Film as hitting “like a bullet between the eyes”, this is the ultimate uncompromising and brutally realistic pursuit thriller.

A Lonely, Place To, Die, Action, Horror, Thrillers, Melissa George, Eamonn Walker, Ed Speleers, Sean Harris, Alec Newman, Entertainment


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