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PEACE OF MIND WE DIDN'T HAVE!!!! Since the installation, I don't know of any incidence we've had where we've lost telephony. So I would say that the move to Cbeyond was a good one. I think having Cbeyond providing our telephone service has given us a certain peace of mind that we didn't have with our previous vendor

IT'S BEEN WORKING OUT PRETTY WELL!!! The Cbeyond offering was really the first that looked compelling enough for us to do it. And we got rid of our local phone service as you know and got rid of our internet provider which was all separate prior to that and it's been working out pretty well. Cbeyond provides us with significant cost savings and allows us to be much more productive and efficient and more profitable.

Cbeyond provides phone, high speed Internet, and IT services to small businesses in major cities across the U.S., including Miami.

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