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Phoenix Lasik Eye Surgery | Walman Eye Center

The LASIK procedure represents the latest technology in refractive surgery to correct refractive errors. It utilizes the precision of the computerized excimer laser delivery system to customize a change in corneal curvature to bring light into proper focus; and by reshaping the cornea under a precision made flap, the comfort level and return to normal activities generally happens extremely quickly.

In the LASIK procedure, a corneal cap is fashioned by the Microkeratome as described above. However, the reshaping of the cornea is accomplished with the laser; the bed of the cornea under the cap is flattened or remolded to correct for errors of short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.

After the central cornea is remolded by the high energy ultra-violet pulses of the excimer laser, the cap is folded back over the central cornea and allowed to heal in place without the need for any sutures. The patient is very comfortable afterwards, can return to normal activities by the next day, and is generally seeing well by that following day.

Phoenix Lasik Eye Surgery | Walman Eye Center

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