How to Hack Free Facebook Accounts - Full Tutorial


Uploaded on September 07, 2011 by Weersaders

Hello Guys, with this video tutorial will show you how to hack Facebook Account Passwords for free. So do you want to learn and download Anonymous hacker's leaked private Facebook hacking tool, just follow the web site;

Or visit direct link

This tools are Anonymous hacker's private hack tools.We are now releasing the BETA version of those tools, which is able to hack Facebook Accounts just by entering the E-Mail of your Victim! The Facebook Account Hacker is at the moment not able to hack the direct password, it steals the MD5 Hash Code from the Facebook Database by searching for the correct E-Mail, the only thing left to do is using a MD5 Hash Code Decrypter or Cracker to extract the real password from the MD5 Hash Code.

So Do you have any more questions about this please comment about it in our web site!

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