Wolf Team Hack AP Generator


Uploaded on September 10, 2011 by GlynnMeehan1658

Download file here: http://linksfiles.com/BEDNE325/generator
Aeria points generator for WolfTeam. Simply abuse "generate" button to increase your AP status (each click -- 329 points). You must run the game and log in before running the hack. It may cause an error or can damage any file, that means you won't be able to start it again. For now it's still undetected. Please remember then to use it properly to avoid any problems! (Start game first -- Log in -- Start generator -- Start adding AP points).

Hack creation date - 03.09.2011

*top users questions*
Why program adds only 329 AP, not 1000000?
- Program adds only 329 AP to be undetected. If I would change it to 999999 or something like that, you would be banned soon.
Can I share this program with other people on Facebook or any forums?
- I don't prefer it. If you want it still working then don't promote it on very popular webs like that.
Music in video:
Rick Ross everyday Im hustling(intrumental)

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