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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is the 2011-2012 version of Konami's popular, video game soccer franchise. The eleventh release in the series overall, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 takes digital soccer to the next level by providing a wide range of game improvements over earlier game editions to create the best and most realistic soccer game available to date. Features include: improved teammate AI that shows itself both on offense and defense, new off-the-ball controls, challenging defensive assignments, a collision detection overhaul and improved graphics.

Key Game Features

Improved Teammate AI - Teammate AI has become more true to life on defense and offense helping your team plays more cohesively
New Off-the-ball-controls - Take even more control in dead-ball situations to manage your team strategy
Challenging Defensive Assignments - Zonal marking and positional defending are massively enhanced forcing players to work harder to split defenders
Collision Detection is Overhauled - The physicality of top-level soccer is captured
Updated Graphics - Movements, facial representations and pitches have built upon last year's massive improvements

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