Mega Movie Playlist - Episode One



Uploaded on September 16, 2011 by Movie Trailers

Get inspired by the tunes from your favorite movies and put it into a playlist. CJ Hillyer breaks it down for you.

I Believe I Can Fly, R.Kelly, Space Jam, Still, Ghetto Boys, Office Space, Hard Out There For A Pimp, Three Six Mafia, Hustle &Flow, Free Ride, The Edgar Winter Group, Dazed And Confused (film), Dust In The Wind, Kansas, Old School (film), Fortunate Son, Entertainment


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    Changeling (2008): Discuss-father 01:05

    Changeling (2008): Discuss-father

    by AnyClip (1/28/14) 1,319 views

    The clip discuss-father from Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie, Gattlin Griffith. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. How was school? Okay. Yeah? We learned about dinosaurs. And I got in a fight with Billy Mankowski. What happened? He hit me. Did you hit him back? Good. Rule number one, remember? Never start a fight, always finish it. Why'd he hit you? Because I hit him. You hit him first? Why? He said my dad ran off because he didn't like me. Honey, your father never met you, so how could he not like you? Then why did he leave? Well, because the day you were born, something else arrived in the mail. And it was in a box a little bit bigger than you. You know what was in it? Something called responsibility. And to some people, responsibility is the scariest thing in the world. So, he ran away because he was scared of what was in that box? Uh-huh. That's just dumb. That is exactly what I thought.

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