Google 'Propeller': Flipboard Killer?


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You’ve heard of iPhone and iPad killers, but Google Propeller is being called the Flipboard killer.
Flipboard is an app that streamlines all social media and websites according to the individuals preference and arranges it in a magazine format.

Google Propeller is rumoured to do the same. Noted tech blogger, Robert Scoble wrote on Google +,

“My source says that the versions he's seen so far are mind-blowing good.”

While Flipboard is only available to iPad users, Google Propeller is aiming to build an app for both Android and Apple.

Mark Raby from TG Daily writes...

“Google Propeller, the news digital platform is being developed for Android Honeycomb tablets as well as the iPad. It will revolutionize users interact with the daily news.”

According to MobileBeat...

“If Google is working on a digital magazine app, it would be entering into competition with not only Flipboard but also AOL’s Editions, Yahoo’s Livestand and the recent CNN acquisition Zite."

But there are some critics who feel the Google Propeller is no different from other reader apps. All Things D’s Kara Swisher says...

“Here’s what it is: Propeller is a souped-up version of similar reader apps.”

Google has yet to announce when it will launch the app.

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