THINK PINK FLOYD Tribute Show Comfortably Numb Ny Show 2011


Uploaded on September 18, 2011 by THINK PINK FLOYD

THINK PINK FLOYD is The #1 PINK FLOYD Tribute Experience !!

The band captures the legendary live Floyd experience in their dynamic shows, with soulful performances and an acute attention to detail. This 5-piece band utilizes a combination of vintage and pro audio equipment to create the distinctive Floyd sound, and features 5-part vocal harmonies. THINK PINK FLOYD also incorporates original studio album sound fx into their live performances - from the opening heartbeat, to the cash register symphony,dogs,pigs,and sheep to the final destruction of The Wall. Using touring-grade moving lights, and haze machines, THINK PINK FLOYD performs with a stunning light show that has rendered audiences speechless.

If Pink Floyd is your thing, you must seek out THINK PINK

Experience the breathtaking performances of the band that has become known as THINK PINK FLOYD!!!!!!

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