Point Blank Shot to the Hand- PAINFUL!!


Uploaded on July 18, 2007 by CapnCannabis

A Point Blank Shot to the hand-from an inch away- with a brand new CO2 cartridge in the paintball gun! This was for a sketch comedy video that wasn't funny, but the paintball shot is top notch. It all starts when a Fake News Anchorman named Crotch Rocket becomes intoxicated during a live broadcast (and beer pong game) and goes on a rampage in the studios, finishing it off with a self inflicted paintball gunshot to the hand. Yours Truly was lucky enough to play the part of Crotch in the sketch, and I don't recommend you try this at home- the imprint on my hand lasted three weeks. But feel free to have a laugh, at my body parts expense. Cheers! The Capn

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