Bizarre: Gordon Ramsay Dwarf Look-a-like Death Hoax

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BY RICHARD LAYCOCK ANCHOR LAUREN GORES You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy...
BY RICHARD LAYCOCK ANCHOR LAUREN GORES You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy. A porn star dwarf who looks an awful lot like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is found dead in a badger den in Wales. It’s bizarre. It’s ridiculous. And-- it’s not true. But news outlets like The Daily Telegraph ran with the story of Percy Foster over the weekend. "In a recent interview Foster, star of [an] X-rated movie....spoke of his excitement about his growing career as Ramsay's double. ‘Porn lookalikes get more money than normal actors. Dwarf lookalikes are as rare as hen's teeth and so can command top dollar.’” No one knows who created the elaborate hoax that was picked up by news agencies worldwide. A panelist for Russia Today says- somebody put a lot of work into selling this story. “…but people are saying that maybe they just made up this story because no one has ever heard of this guy. There’s no record of him. So can you imagine the thought process that goes through the tabloids to actually come up with the story – finding a dwarf that’s also a porn-star that’s also looks like Gordon Ramsay and also got eaten by a badger?” A blogger for Gawker shares these sentiments adding … “It's more than a little curious that the Internet, aka God's porn dumping grounds, contains not a single reference to … Percy … prior to these two news items. But that's just the cynic in me talking” And as it turns out cynicism is the appropriate response as Lez Get Real reports ... “Percy Foster never existed. A reporter for Huffington Post’s Weird News contacted the local police in Tregaron, Wales and found out that they had never had a report of the alleged death …” But maybe a tall tale isn’t so bad every once in awhile. A folklorist tells The Huffington Post... "’It might be a more boring world if the media didn't cover these...because it's kind of funny."’ Newsy's iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are updated regularly. Please check your app store to ensure you're using the latest Newsy app! Transcript by Newsy