League of Legends Hack 2011 (Riven Patch)


Uploaded on September 20, 2011 by MarthenaOzawa4781

Download file here: http://linksfiles.com/Jeramie914/Legends
1- First you must click the botton that will lead you to the registration site
2-Then Make your registration
3-Log into the game and play
4- You win 7200 Riot and Influence Points at level 5
5- You can unlock the heroes and the skins that you want with the riot points earned at level 5!
6-Every 5 levels you will earn 7200 Riot Points!

Note: You must relog after you get level 5, to receive the points!
Dont want questions on comment page need any help or question email me!
For any help email me, lead.gringer44@gmail.com

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